JL-D here usually wears something fairly sleek, so I thought this was a fun departure for her.

But the more I look it, the weirder it seems that the dress is designed with that bridal drop-waisted hem, and then they added a dark horizontal line at her natural waist (it’s not really a belt, per se, but… what is it? A banner? Is that advertising space for sale?). Those appear at odds with one another, and I wish the skirt started at the stripe and not down around her hips because that gives this a very dated, Disney Princess quality. Also, this year it felt like one or the other of us kept saying, “I just wish [insert name here] had on stronger lipstick.” Loads of people ended up going so light on the lippy that it blunted their overall looks, and this was one of them — seriously, I keep thinking maybe Elaine just got caught in a hardcore makeout session in the limo and so it all smeared off onto her husband’s face.

What do you think?

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