And, no sooner did Lady Victoria Hervey astonish me with her naked grasping, than Kat Graham bummed me out with hers.


And from the front:

A big part of me says this isn’t as bad as La Hervey’s, because at least she has on some visible undergarments. Another part of me says it’s worse, because Kat is demonstrably talented and charismatic and I would hate for her to be reduced to a gimmick before her career even gets going beyond The CW. And ALSO, this — in the same vein as Jennifer Lawrence’s sheer gray Dior from November — is sad because the dress itself has the bones of something beautiful, if only it were lined and actual and not just theoretical and wispy and turning itself into prison bars for her torso. It’s like the gown version of the Six Merry Murderesses of the Cook County Jail.

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