First off, I have to admit that I kind of need her to take a vacation right now:

I have no beef with her — I don’t watch her show, but she seems like a good sport in general, and I think she generally comes across as a person who would be a good neighbor: cheerful, trustworthy enough to pick up your mail, chatty when you run into her at the parking garage, throws a fun BBQ — but ever since her “relationship” with Henry Cavill, I feel like we’ve seen a lot of Kaley Cuoco: that whole palaver, then her whirlwind romance/marriage to Ryan Sweeting, all got a lot of tabloid play and while I wish those two crazy kids nothing but the crazy best, I think we’re inching into the territory where she might be well served by, say, heading off to somewhere without cell reception for a month or so to let everyone miss her.

I will not, however, ever miss this particular dress. I love a pattern on a ballgown, but this one looks like it bled in the wash.