Jessica and I have been pretty excited that Debra Messing is returning to TV, because usually she’s ripe for the fugging — like, back in the Starter Wife days, her stylist put the “mess” in “Messing” for sure.

Although this isn’t exactly a mess, per se, it is terrible: shapeless, heavy, drab. Been there, seen it, declined to pay for the overpriced postcard or flimsy cotton tee. She should be so much more interesting than this. She should be dazzling us and making us say, “Yay, Debra Messing is back on TV,” instead of, “Oooh, Debra Messing still can’t dress herself.”

Case in point:

I speak from experience: If you are this fair, and you’re hell-bent on wearing white, you have to BRING IT with your makeup or else the whole thing is a wash. Looking at this, I get shivers. And not in a thrilled way — in a CHILLY way. This actually makes me feel cold. And she’s a REDHEAD. HEAT IT UP, DEBRA.

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