KATE HUDSON: I’m living for the direction we decided to take in Paris, Janelle! The CITY OF LIGHTS! I’ve learned so much from Emily in Paris, I feel so comfortable here! Did you know you can’t email me about work after work hours? It’s true! Hand me a baguette!!!!

JANELLE MONAE: To which direction are you referring? I didn’t realize we were doing a theme.

KATE: You know! FRENCH! CHIC! I’m like a sparkly fancy socialite! You’re a serious artiste! Maybe we share a lover? We both love brie! I am sorry you didn’t wear a beret.

JANELLE:  I guess, now that I look at us, we do kind of look like that. I just wore this as a brief palate cleanser, to be honest. I never read your emails. But you’re not totally wrong. Although I will not share a lover with you, Kate. Please stop asking me.

KATE: Does it change your mind if I remind you that I was in Le Divorce??!

JANELLE: No. But you do look nice.

KATE: So do you and I hear this movie is good and we’re delightful in it!

JANELLE: This is also true.


[Photo by Domine Jerome/ABACA/Shutterstock]