First, thank you for all the well-wishes after my dramatic pronouncement of the stomach flu (which may have been food poisoning; how do you even tell). I’m feeling mostly better if still uncharacteristically — and depressingly — disinterested in food AND booze, but rest assured I did cope with this by spending a lengthy portion of Thursday and Friday moaning pathetically from my bed and watching things like Notting Hill. So it was nice to check back into work and be greeted with, among other things, something unusual.┬áThis isn’t a perfect situation — it looks like it’s been SO hoik-proofed that might actually be chafing her, and the little cord on the waist doesn’t seem to line up consistently. But I’m pleased people are rolling into their seasonal vacations with some oomph, and the colors and the detailing on this made me smile. Since wine isn’t doing that now, WHY GOD WHY, I have to get my joys where I can.

[Photo: Variety/REX/Shutterstock]