I’m having a brainwave:

Stella McCartney opens a chain of quick oil change places – it’s called I Want to Change Your Oil, and whomever answers the phone has to sing, to the tune of “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the words “I want to change your oil/PLEASE LET ME CHANGE YOUR OIL” while the rest of the employees  gleefully shake their employer-mandated mop-tops or face immediate dismissal –and she outfits all the mechanics in THIS BOSS JUMPSUIT. (Seasonal specials would include the All You Need Is Love [And A New Oil Filter] promotion, the Baby You Can Drive My Car tire rotation deal, and, of course, the When I’m 64..000 Miles I Need A Tune Up tune up.) I am not kidding. My car would run so smoothly, because I would go there basically constantly. Think about it, Stella! I really feel this could be a goldmine for you. Paul might need to sign some copyright paperwork, but I’m sure you could talk him into it.

PS: Disgruntled Sideways Pony in the background: You’re my favorite.

[Photo: INF]

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