Paris Hilton Launches Her New Fragrance
ADRIAN GRENIER: Hey… oh, it’s Paris. You look… delusional. And forty.
PARIS: How clever, dearest, to tease me on a night when I am launching a fragrance called Tease.
ADRIAN: Is THAT what this party is? Dude, I just wanted a free beer and thought you were Christina Aguilera.
PARIS: HA HA HA, oh, Adrian, let’s stop playing these silly little games. Let me press up against you and throw out my back so hard that I Tease the world into thinking that I am pregnant.
ADRIAN: Why are you talking like that? You haven’t said “dude” once. Are you drunk?
PARIS: I am drunk on Tease, high on Marilyn, and horny for wig tape.
ADRIAN: Are you getting this? Please tell me somebody is getting this.
PARIS: Would you like to go in the coat closet for some Teasing? Don’t tell Mother. The fur is hers.
ADRIAN: Sorry, P, I’m pretty sure I’m too famous to be having this conversation. Or even to be here at all.
PARIS: Don’t be coy. As they say, if you Tease it, it will …
ADRIAN: Do not finish that sentence. Ever.