First and foremost, thanks for a great week, Fug Nation! Between the Emmys and Yesterday: The Most Hallowed Day of Our Lives: 90210 Day, it was a wonderful way to wrap up summer 2010. On that note, because Monday is Labor Day here in the United States, we will be back with new posts on Tuesday, September 7th — including the results of our Best and Worst of the Emmys poll, so please don’t forget to vote! To keep you entertained until then, enjoy:

– This round-up of yesterday’s 90210 day festivities. My favorites include Flavorwire’s comparison of 90210 characters to Mad Men characters. Roger Sterling is TOTALLY the Steve Sanders of Mad Men. With more cardiovascular issues. (Teen Drama Whore, Flavorwire)

– Speaking of Mad Men, this look behind the scenes is well worth the click of your mouse. (Rolling Stone)

– Speaking of Mad Men AGAIN (for the last time. Today), there is a Tumblr called….”PETE CAMPBELL’S BITCHFACE.” It is, yes, just that awesome. (Pete Campbell’s Bitchface)

– This long, fascinating look at gossip in the internet era — proper celebrity gossip, I mean, not just random shit about people you know that you learn from Facebook — is well worth the read. It, in a meta kind of way, is ALSO gossipy. (The Village Voice)

– Speaking of gossip, this look at how British tabloids (allegedly) hacked the mobile phones of any number of people, including Princes William and Harry — and how Scotland Yard didn’t really want to deal with it – is unbelievably juicy. (New York Times)

– Did you know that in TV land, there is BUT ONE NEWSPAPER? I didn’t. But there is. And this is its story. (Slate)

– Did you know Keanu Reeves is 46?!?! Yesterday was his birthday, which he celebrated by eating a cupcake and chatting with randoms on the street. I love him. (Lainey)

– Apparently, I also love Celine Dion now, because I just read this piece about her twin pregnancy — and saw the photo she released to the Canadian press, in which she is wearing no makeup — and my heart grew three sizes. Congrats to them! (Celebitchy)

– You guys might think you have no interest in reading about “Ten Strange and Wonderful Soaps,” but please trust me. One of them smells like pickles. One of them is Han Solo encased in carbonite! Those ARE strange and wonderful! (Mental Floss)

– Need some reading material for the long weekend? How about Sex, Lies and Leprechauns? Or any of the other 21 ridiculous romance novels described herein. Pick Up at the Robot Club ALSO sounds juicy. (Evil Librarian Supervillain)