Let’s do this thing.

Are YOU on the list of literature’s 10 best-dressed authors? Bizarrely, I am not. BUT THESE YOGA PANTS ARE DIVINE! (Flavorwire)

– I quite literally laughed out — I LITERALLY L.O.L.ed — reading this interview with Russell Brand. I don’t want to ruin it for you by saying more. (Vulture)

– You have to read this letter that Madonna wrote Steven Meisel during the filming of A League of Their Own. Remember when people wrote letters, parenthetically? She uses the phrase, “finked out,” and notes that “actresses have nothing on the house of extravaganza.” INDEED. (D-Listed)

– The Los Angeles County Museum of Art currently has a big fashion exhibit. This is a fascinating look at how the curators dressed all the mannequins. Apparently, you can’t just plop a 200 year old dress on a frame and then go out for beers. (LACMA Unframed)

– In this piece about weird celebrity products, perhaps the weirdest bit of info — weirder even than 50 Cent’s branded Vitamin Water — is the news Justin Bieber is releasing a line of Bieber-branded nail polish. Because of course he is. Nothing screams “object of pre-teen adoration” like nail polish. (NY Observer)

– More people need to be doing the Carlton dance, more places, more often. (Deadspin)

– Rumor has it, they’re making a Top Gun 2. IS NOTHING SACRED? (Vulture)

– Speaking of the sacred, have you seen this footage from Back to the Future, before they recast Marty McFly? Eric Stoltz appears to be playing it as a VERY SERIOUS FILM. And while I have no issue with Stoltz, this clip will convince you anew that Michael J Fox is awesome. (Vulture)

– Speaking of Michael J Fox and awesome, and really, everything from that last blurb except Eric Stoltz: There is a BttF PROP AUCTION. I might want the Hill Valley Telegraph that says “BIFF WINS AGAIN,” although let’s be honest, I want all of it. (Vulture again)

– Aw, J Simp looks really cute here! If only there were any way in humanity that she could keep it up. (Lainey)

– Actually, anything is possible now that she and Ken Paves have BROKEN UP. I blamed him for, at the very least, not throwing himself in front of the door like a human shield to prevent her from leaving the house in half the things she’s worn in public. Onward and upward, Jessica. (Celebitchy)

– Vogue is running a series online in which they peek inside people’s apartments, which I love because of how I’m super nosy. I also love that Coco Rocha — who I also love, because I’m ALIVE — has a very lovely, surely very expensive place, that is also very wee. Oh, New York. (Vogue)

– Forget wondering about the future of Sterling Cooper Draper Price: the Daily Beast investigates which Mad Men character is the most dangerous lush — looking at who drinks what, when, and how much. Some tight competition there, I feel like. (Daily Beast)