Here’s to a very happy Thanksgiving holiday for those of you who celebrate it, and a tremendous weekend to those of you who don’t!


It’s just not Thanksgiving if I don’t use this picture, after all. Heather and I will be back with fresh content on Monday, November 29th, but until then, we leave you with the following:

– In honor of those of you traveling this weekend, the New Yorker compiled a selection of cartoons about airport screening. If anyone gets fresh with you, just….well, you’re probably going to have to stand for it if you want to get on your plane, but I DEFINITELY think you should complain loudly about it on Facebook. (The New Yorker)

Karl Lagerfeld is doing a line for Macy’s. BUY. (Glamour)

– I did alarmingly well on this quiz about Thanksgiving-themed television episodes. Alarmingly well, but not SURPRISINGLY so. I mean, look at the art in this post. (Mental Floss)

– I’ve been trying all week to get these pictures of Miley’s birthday party for you guys — and failing. But Lainey comes through! God knows, nothing says, “I’m legal!” like a leather bra. (Lainey Gossip)

Mulder and Scully, together again! Seriously. Well, kind of. But yes. (Vulture)

Taylor Momsen has been placed on INDEFINITE HIATUS from Gossip Girl, which I suspect it merely a pitstop on the road to Firedsville. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO US ALL. (Celebitchy)

– Oprah did NOT give BeDazzled Uggs to people during Oprah’s Favorite Things! No, apparently, she did. (Racked)

– Sooth your ire about missing Oprah’s Favorite Things by looking at the Most Beautiful Libraries in the US (Exteriors). Is your library on the list? One of mine is! (Flavorwire)

– If you haven’t already seen Cookie Monster’s SNL audition tape, YOU MUST. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is AMAZING.  (Sesame Street’s YouTuve channel)