God, what a terrible week. Monday was an absolutely wretched and devastating day; I have three friends-of-friends who were injured in the Las Vegas shooting. They are incredibly fortunate in that I believe they will all live, but their stories are obviously profoundly harrowing. On top of the Vegas shootings, of course, countless people are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. I always hope all your loved ones and you are safe, but this week there seems to be more reason than ever to extend our loving wishes to everyone in Fug Nation.

In less awful news: We are still fiddling with the site, post-migration. Things that broke are definitely getting fixed — some of which are more obvious to me and H on the backend than to you readers, but which are super important to keep the site from bursting into flames — and I want to assure that the mobile site should be back up and running very soon. None of us expected it to be down this long, we’re working on it very diligently, and we truly TRULY appreciate your patience with this.

And now I will pivot to links:

Obviously, everyone is talking about the New York Times’s shocking (but not surprising) piece on Harvey Weinstein and the decades of sexual harassment he’s (allegedly) committed. The last time I saw Harvey, it was at a Marchesa presentation that he chose to attend wearing a ratty stained Hanes tee shirt and dress slacks. Everyone knew he was a garbage person, but the level of garbage is really astonishing.

Lainey reports (in an excellent post that covers other aspects of this as well and that you should absolutely read) that Weinstein is suing the NYT for not giving him enough time to comment before they went to press, which…that’s not how this works, but okay, you absolute dirtbag.

Rebecca Traister’s piece about Weinstein at The Cut is well worth your time.

“There is only one Olive Garden, but it has a thousand doors.” This is a great piece at Eater, about Olive Garden: Christ in the Garden of Endless Breadsticks. (My favorite memory of Olive Garden is that, back in the day, it was the most reasonable “nice” restuarant in Westwood, near UCLA, that you could also walk to as a student, and if someone took you there on a date, it meant they REALLY liked you.)

At Racked: Who Gives a Puck About Sports Merch?: How to build a brand from scratch, when that brand is a hockey team in the desert.

This is a little old, but you’ll still enjoy it, at Narratively: Welcome to Moonlight Rollerway, Where Nothing Has Changed Since 1956. I literally just went to a birthday party at this roller rink!

This piece at Oprah feels really really really real to 42 year-old me, from the terror about retirement money to the feeling of “ambiguous loss” to the pressures of a freelance career to…well. All of it: The New Midlife Crisis for Women. (It’s a dramatic sounding headline but…)

Design*Sponge brings us an amazing-sounding cauliflower recipe.

You’ll be into this, at Bust: The Batshit Life Of Hortense Mancini

Girls of a Certain Age rounded up MANY options if you want to drape yourself in velvet this winter.

This is a VERY sparkly dress on Amal Clooney. [Lainey]

Pajiba says, rightly, It’s About Time We Were Reminded Just How Amazing Frances McDormand Is

Brie Larson is a treasure, and we were all correct that she hates Casey Affleck’s guts. [Celebitchy]

I don’t know if I need to do any more than just bring you this headline, at Smithsonian Magazine: This Canadian Lake Hides an Underwater Ghost Town 

Refinery29 examines the corduroy comeback, which reminds me that every five years I get really REALLY into corduroy pants, and also that the word “corduroy” is weird and it’s hard for me to spell.

Revelist tried $5 plus-size clothes from Wish and saw why it’s a scam.

At CNN, it’s the world’s 50 best bars. How many have you been to? I’ve been to ZERO OF THEM, which is a crime — at the very least, I should have been to some of the London hotel bars. I am SHAMED.

Related, Town & Country reports: GIN PONG now exists. Wow, that’s going to end in tears.

Finally, if at some point you feel like spending your feelings, we pulled together a bunch of cute oxblood leather jackets, and also a ton of cozy slippers.