This is another reader request! (The last one was for Meghan Markle-ish leather jackets, if you missed it. You might need one.) And certainly, there is no time like October — for those of us in this hemisphere — to begin wondering if our feet are cold. Even me, and I am a person who basically never wants to wear anything on her feet indoors.

Personally, when it comes to my own cold feet, I tend to go for one of two options: (a) Uggs [I KNOW. LEAVE ME ALONE], which I got in grey because I felt like they were more…sophisticated? Which is dumb, because Uggs are Uggs are Uggs. Given that this site was basically founded on the idea that Uggs are hideous and not to be worn in public, I understand the irony of this.  And, (b) these AMAZING slippers that my sister got me, which look like the feet of the Abominable Snowman and which you plug into your laptop’s USB port and they HEAT UP. They’re outstanding as long as you remember you’re tethered to your computer when you stand up to go to the bathroom.

However, the world is full of Fabulous Slipper Items. BEHOLD:

Did I maybe also include some that I thought were somewhat bonkers? I did.

And, as ever, if you don’t see the widget there, please refresh your browser. (Also, if for some reason the arrows that let you navigate back and forth don’t show up, you should be able to just mouse over to the edge of the widget and click anyway, but they SHOULD be there.)

And do tell us about your favorite slippers and slipper providers.

As a general housekeeping note: This is not a sponsored post. Our slippers allegiances are ours alone. Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you click through. I can assure you that all these slippers were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking lukewarm water and watching QVC.