Happy October, Fug Nation! Don’t you want to drape yourself in flannel?

We were so delighted to be on our friend Abby Gardner’s great podcast We Have Notes this week! We DID have notes — we talked about Grey’s Anatomy, the Met Gala, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, and all kinds of other stuff! 

Exceptional work at the New York Times Magazine: When Dasani Left Home. This is the follow-up to a very impactful piece the NYT ran in 2013, and I highly recommend it. (You do not need to have read the original piece; there is contextualizing background in this one.)

Fascinating: “For eight years, a man without a memory lived among strangers at a hospital in Mississippi. But was recovering his identity the happy ending he was looking for?” [The Atavist]

This was an amazing piece at The Cut: Simone Biles Chose Herself: “I should have quit way before Tokyo.”

At Variety: Shannen Doherty on Working Despite Having Stage 4 Cancer: ‘I’m Just Trying to Live the Best I Can.’ I love you, Shannen!

This piece is so good: Revisiting Some of the Most Memorable Hairstyles of the ’90s, and sharing the stories of the Black women who created them. [InStyle]

This is a really interesting piece at the NYT about lip-syncing, which also mentions our friends Tom and Lorenzo’s fab book, Legendary Children!

I KNOW you want to see the trailer for this Idris Elba/Regina King western! [Lainey]

Super interesting: Who was Agent 355? The Mystery of America’s First Female Spy [Messy Nessy Chic]

This is an interesting piece about the upcoming adaptation of The Sandman, which I am not really familiar with, but I know a lot of folks have Thoughts and Feelings about. [Lainey]

A fun convo: What improves your life for under $25? [Girls of a Certain Age]

ALSO interesting: How scientists say a hit song is like an infectious disease [CBC]

I love this piece in the LA Times about beloved Dodgers broadcaster Jaime Jarrín: A hearty thank you to Dodgers legend Jaime Jarrín. ‘He made me believe that I belong’

BIG NEWS: DUN DUN: Dick Wolf Is Bringing Back ‘Law & Order’ [Pajiba]

This is a really good Q&A feature with the great Michelle Silverthorn, founder and CEO of Inclusion Nation, at Ask a Manager. (Ask a Manager is one of my top Procrastination Websites — aka what I read when I am avoiding my actual work. I always suspect we have a lot of overlap in our readerships!)

Also at Ask a Manager: I suspect you’ll be entertained by this chat about Office Supplies Drama.

This has been a long road; I will not be surprised if there turns out to have been a ton of financial malfeasance here: Jamie Spears has finally been removed as Britney Spears’ conservator [Celebitchy]

We had a good time talking about apples last week. This week, I bring you: I Tried 30 Mustards This Summer. These Were the Best. [Inside Hook]