Happy Friday! I hope your plans for this weekend are safe and fun!

ICYMI: The Nordstrom sale is currently open to all comers; we rounded up some (very practical) picks!

Also, the Olympics are in full swing! You can catch up with all of our coverage here. (I’ll be covering the swimming on Monday!)

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OBVIOUSLY, the folks at Lainey are keeping us fully briefed on the J.Lo/Bffleck shenanigans, all of which I am completely here for.

FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE: Lesley Ann Warren Answers Every Question We Have About Clue [Vulture]

This is fun: The Everything-You-Didn’t-Know Oral History of ‘The Princess Diaries’ [Cosmo]

This is so interesting: ‘Open with a funeral, end with a gunshot’: Inside the original ‘Behind the Music.’ I remember back in the day that if I happened to turn on the TV and a marathon of BtM was on, I had to just kiss the rest of that day good-bye. [The LA Times]

This seems like a LOT: Kelly Clarkson has to pay Brandon Blackstock $200K a month in support [Celebitchy]

Issa Rae got married last weekend and it was so pretty! [The Cut]

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I find Adam Driver HIGHLY SEXY but I have my doubts about this very horse-y Burberry ad. [Lainey]

THANK GOD Bob Odenkirk is going to be okay. [Socialite Life]

Finally: I am sure you want to see the House of Gucci trailer:

This is either going to be terrible or amazing, but I think even if it’s terrible it’s going to be the kind of terrible that’s extremely fun, so….win-win.