Listen, I get that some folks are perhaps feeling burned out on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — I feel like about five years ago, every blogger in the world was going ALL OUT for it, and now it’s sort of evolved into an event where everyone is like, “you might not care about this anymore, but here are some cardigans???? I DON’T KNOW.” I too understand this feeling! Here are some cardigans; I don’t know. Honestly, this seems like a much-needed recalibration of the correct reaction to any sale — like back in the day when you’d drive past a Nordstrom and see their “ANNIVERSARY SALE” sign and think, “that’s happening now? Cool, I do need some sunscreen and tights,” or whatever, and then you’d pop in after returning a pair of reverse-fit jeans at the Gap but before getting a giant pretzel.  It doesn’t need to be a giant event, but it CAN be a good opportunity to get…well, sunscreen. (Regrettably, no tights are included in the sale. Maybe a variety of new bras can be swapped into that shopping spot. I want a True & Co that doesn’t show when I’m wearing a vee-neck. Maybe this one will work?)

Anyway, that sign goes up for everyone today and so, with no further ado, here’s a bunch of Practical Stuff You Might Want to Grab Now, I Don’t Know Your Life, Maybe You Do Just Want a Pretzel:


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