Hope your short week was a good one! I accidentally dated this post as “2020” originally so….there’s that.

We put together a salute to André Leon Talley, who sadly died this week. Related, Saeed Jones wrote a wonderful piece about ATL, and, as always, I will recommend Robin Givhan, whose remembrance is tremendous. Amy Odell’s newsletter this week rounds up a TON of good pieces, too — including a very funny little bit of her own.

This is so good: Françoise Gilot: ‘It Girl’ at 100 [NYT]

KLAXON: The Clooneys are back in Hollywood. [Lainey]

Super interesting: The True History Behind HBO’s ‘The Gilded Age.’ (Should we cover that? It IS Rich People Having Problems in Olden Times, By Julian Fellowes.) [Smithsonian]

Speaking of, Lady Mary is engaged to Fleabag’s brother! Mazel tov to the happy couple! [Tatler, of course]

This is wild, at Vanity Fair: XXX-Files: Who Torched the Pornhub Palace? “When the CEO of Pornhub’s mega-mansion mysteriously burned to the ground, there was no shortage of possible suspects. Now, for the first time, the site’s shadowy founders tell their story.” Both foosball AND the Feds AND the Mafia are involved.

Sure, why not? Pocket Prince Daniel Radcliffe to play Comedy King Weird Al [Lainey]

Good question: When were punctuation marks first used? [History Extra]

This is, well, cozy: This Is What “Cozy” Looks Like Around the World [Apartment Therapy]

This is such a sad story: French actor Gaspard Ulliel has passed away at the age of 37 [Celebitchy]

Concur: We’re Pretty Sure Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are Trolling You [Pajiba]

This Vulture interview with Joss Whedon is just yikes on bikes. (And while I have less than no sympathy for him, from a logistical angle I have to wonder: Does he have no publicist?)

So interesting: The Overlooked Art (and Drama) of Courtroom Sketching [Messy Nessy Chic]