Happy February, y’all! Hope you’re nice and warm, wherever you are this weekend.

Don’t miss our recap of the finale of And Just Like That! Check out our recaps of The Gilded Age! See what Fug Nation bought in January! And chat about OLYMPICS GOSSIP. Or see what everyone wore for the first part of the team competition last night!

Speaking of AJLT, this Variety interview with Michael Patrick King is very interesting. He is very forthcoming and open, and he obviously is truly committed to the characters of SatC. I’d be really interested in hearing if the other writers on the show had issues with steering it away from places he specifically wanted. (We won’t hear this for years because those people still want to keep getting hired for stuff and I don’t blame them for that!) But the interview is really good.

This is very upsetting: Books on race and sexuality are disappearing from Texas schools in record numbers. I’d note that this headline is a little misleading, even. A lot of these books aren’t “on” race or sexuality, even though obviously books that are are important and should not be banned; several of these just have characters grappling with issues of race or sexuality, and in some cases are literally funny teen rom-coms that happen to have gay or non-white characters in them.  This kind of makes me want to scream. If you’re able to run for your town’s school board, consider it! [NBC News]

This is so good: The Radical Woman Behind “Goodnight Moon” [The New Yorker]

THIS IS WILD: Let’s Talk About the Tackiest Oscar Campaign of All Time [Pajiba]

A great read, at Tom + Lorenzo: Interview with “The Gilded Age” Costume Designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone

SUPER interesting as we head into the Olympics: The Quad Jump Revolution Has Transformed Women’s Figure Skating. How Far Will It Go? [Five Thirty Eight]

I KNOW you want the scoop on Matthew Goode’s new project! [Lainey]

This is really funny: Joel Coen’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, Reviewed by Ethan Coen. I am distraught actual Ethan Coen isn’t behind this. [I Might Be Wrong]

Important intel for us all: How the Sausage Gets Made: Inside Hollywood’s Prosthetic Penis Craze [Thrillist]

I love that Thandiwe Newton is lighting into Sean Penn now. [Celebitchy]

Fascinating and weird: Why Bachelor stars are suddenly shilling for crypto [Vox]

Related, and great: Celebrities and NFTs Are a Match Made in Hell. I feel like none of us are enjoying this? Stop trying to sell me an NFT, Reese Witherspoon! I come to you for book recommendations and cute tote bags. [Atlantic]

Lainey’s take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s new house spread in Architectural Digest is smart.

Seems like there’s some drama maybe (????) with Adele and her new beau and honestly we all obviously just want Adele’s happiness. [Socialite Life]

Super interesting and in depth at Fashionista: How Hair, Makeup And Costume Helped Transform Lily James And Sebastian Stan Into ‘Pam & Tommy’

Please, someone buy these pants from Tillamook. YES THE CHEESE PEOPLE.

Finally, a PSA: The e-book of The Heir Affair is currently a mere $2.99!