I’ll be honest, this collection is all over the place. Volunimous! Sleek! Hella sheer! Big and opaque! Beige netting and hot bright hues and pastels! I am not really sure what the theme was, other than perhaps, “We’re coming out of a pandemic, wear whatever, WEAR IT ALL.” And the thing is, whether any of this tickles your fancy (a few will, and many absolutely won’t), that’s a very nice note on which to end Couture Week coverage and head into… whatever the heck is coming next. In a micro sense, that’s the Olympics, New York Fashion Week on Feb. 11, then London and Milan and Paris, with the SAGs to close out February; in the macro sense, though, I hope for ALL of us it’s, “Wear whatever, WEAR IT ALL.”

[Photos: Imaxtree]