How is it that a short week sometimes feels LONGER than a normal week? I don’t understand time.

In case you missed it earlier this week: Our new book, The Heir Affair, has a cover and a release date and you can pre-order it now!

We had a grand chat about apps, which you might enjoy!

And you should buy yourself a spot of leopard.

Really interesting, at NPR: ‘Black Patriots’ Were Heroes Of The Revolution — But Not The History Books

This piece on Vulture, which is anonymous Hollywood assistants talking about the crazy shit their bosses have done to them, is a ride.

At The New Yorker, and in honor of the beginning of baseball season, is this absolutely fantastic interview with Roger Angell, one of my favorite writers of all time. I cannot pick a pull quote, the entire thing is so good.  (It’s barely about baseball.)

Speaking of baseball: The Astros Cheating Scandal Has Only Gotten Nuttier. Altuve should be stripped of his MVP!!!!!!!! [NY Mag]

This review of The Crows Have Eyes III is very funny indeed. [Decider]

At Lainey, I chuckled at this headline: Cannes has decided to try.

I read this with great interest: How to save Laura Ashley: relaunch all its beautiful vintage dresses. This is absolutely true.

This is a hell of a piece at the LA Times: The stranger-than-fiction twists that led to Robert Durst’s Los Angeles murder trial

Also at Lainey: Do I need to be watching McMillions?

This obituary of Barbara Remington, who did all the Tolkien book covers in the 60s, is so so interesting. Those covers are iconic. [NYT]

At Pajiba, this was a very interesting essay from Roxana Hadadi: If the ‘Capitalism is Bad’ Message of ‘Parasite’ Wasn’t Enough for You, Ken Loach’s ‘Sorry We Missed You’ Reiterates the Point

At Punch Drink: What Wine Twitter Taught Me About Wine

At Celebitchy: Ben Affleck opens up to the NYT: ‘The biggest regret of my life is this divorce’ We all could have told you that, Benjo!

I can really only leave this headline here and tell you to read this, at WaPo: A Hollywood stuntwoman died in a bizarre shootout with ‘celebrity nutritionist’ ex-husband. It is INSANE.

Also at WaPo: We tried Pizza Hut’s mozzarella popper crust pizza and contemplated how we ended up here

Over at The Mary Sue, this is interesting: The Greeks May Get The Elgin Marbles Back … Thanks to Brexit?