Happy holidays, Fug Nation! We are moving into a more relaxed holiday posting schedule given that Heather and I both celebrate Christmas, but please do check back here over the break — we will have new content for you over the next week. (And then the Golden Globes are January 7th, so we’re getting right back into it.) Regardless of your plans for the next week, all the warmest wishes from all of us at GFY HQ to you and yours as 2017 draws at last to a close.

SEASONAL: Here’s What Happens When You Watch 7 Days Of Made-For-TV Christmas Movies. [HuffPo]

ALSO SEASONAL, at Town & Country: This Is What the White House Christmas Looked Like the Year You Were Born

Kinda related, at Vulture: Who is the Sexiest Onscreen JFK?

At Lainey, apparently Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are dating for real. I can actually totally see them together.

In an excellent piece, Racked wonders: Why Aren’t Fashion ‘Disruptors’ Serving Plus-Size Customers? “Even with this handful of bright spots, it beggars belief that apparel startups are so profoundly averse to fat people that the vast majority of them won’t deign to take their money. The problem is larger than the assumptions made by entrepreneurs, though. Everlane founder Michael Preysman is revered as a “radical” who could potentially fix all of fashion retail, but I could not find evidence that a single reporter had ever asked him why his company has avoided an apparel market that is begging for exactly what Everlane already makes. Press that covers Silicon Valley and the fashion industry are notoriously credulous and PR-friendly, and there’s little incentive for them to go to bat for a class of people that they, too, often don’t consider worth the fuss. That so many brands fumbled for answers to even the most basic questions about their sizing practices seems indicative of how infrequently they’ve been asked those questions in the past.”

Possibly relevant to many interests, at Allure: The Radio City Rockettes Reveal the Long-Lasting Red Lipstick They Wear On Stage

If you haven’t been enjoying Elle’s 12 Days of Thirstmas, you need to rectify that!

And this is yet more important work at Elle: Investigating the Titanic Fan Fic in the “Oops!… I Did It Again” Video. In 2017, I am grateful for R. Eric Thomas.

At Pajiba, this is an excellent essay about recent sexual assault allegations against TJ Miller — and, more specifically, about how hardly any women who were paying attention to him at all was surprised. This in particular stood out to me: “To refer to the worst of these men as geniuses in any way feels like an insult. There’s no level of intellectual or creative superiority that denotes cruelty and abuse as an acceptable trait, and besides, most of these figures are mediocre at best. Nobody needs to protect the artistic sanctity of The Emoji Movie by overlooking Miller’s aggression.”

At Celebitchy, Eva Longoria is pregnant and I am very happy for her, because I love her.

Related, I love what Mindy Kaling named her daughter. [Lainey]

I found this super interesting, at Fashionista: Why Millennial Catholics Are Re-adopting the Traditional Chapel Veil. (I must confess that, as a child, like Anastasia Krupnik before me, I basically wanted to be a Catholic for that very veil. It’s so romantic! Also, this article addresses the fact that you’re really not supposed to be adopting a chapel veil because you look pretty in it. God, I have much work to do.)

At the New Yorker: The Year That Skin Care Became a Coping Mechanism. “I thought about the moment, a few weeks after the election, when I found my first gray hair, and how, soul-wise, several thousand years had passed since then. Skin seemed like a nice controllable project. As it turned out, it both was and was not.”

At Revelist, this headline speaks to me: 20 gifts for fashion girls who love snacks.

And, finally, it isn’t the holidays without the ritual experience of LAST CHRISTMAS. Dear Fug Nation, may your ex NOT randomly show up at your winter cabin and pretend she doesn’t remember that awkward moment where you gave her your heart and the very next day, she gave it away: