Happy weekend!

We talked about this on Drinks With Broads this week, too. At Lainey: Scooter Braun: A Gossip Mystery. What IS going on there, and will the story break when I’m out of the house and not able to update this post??? Likely.

I am obsessed with the Costco subreddit — I gotta know if new things are good!! — and spent a lot of time reading this post: What’s your best Costco horror story?

Some good news! Tiny Forests With Big Benefits. [NYT, gifted link]

I mean, duh: Elon Musk Admits that X May ‘Fail’ After a Contentious Weekend [Pajiba]

Here’s Chris Evans with puppies. YOU ARE WELCOME. [Lainey]

FYI, Boden is currently marking sale items off an addition 20%. This cropped-ish Breton tee is like $16!!! Lots of really cute swimwear marked down, too. Also loads of little cropped sweaters if you’re looking for something to wear with your higher waisted pants/skirts. Just, like, a lot of cute stuff. Go crazy! [affiliate links]

At Vulture: The Long, Winding History of Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ Becoming a Single

At Architectural Digest: Inside the World’s 5 Smallest Hotel Rooms.

At Time: Jenna Lyons Is Breaking All the Unwritten Rules of Real Housewives. I’m really enjoying this season of RHoNY; all the arguments so far have been LOW STAKES and PETTY, just how I like it.

Vox argues that everyone has forgotten how to act in public.

At InStyle: Soccer Icons Brandi Chastain and Michelle Akers on the Match That Changed Everything

This is an interesting read, I’d totally forgotten about this: The Rise and Fall of Fashion Cafe. [Vogue]

Now I’m hungry: The Sticky History of Baklava, at Smithsonian.

T&C asks: Is Dallas the New Miami?

Fun! Travel and Leisure rounded up America’s Best Small Towns of the 2023.

One of my favorite subjects: What to Wear on a Plane, according to the editors of Condé Nast Traveller. It’s a LOT of joggers. (These are my own Plane Pants.) [affiliate link]

The Ringer believes “We’ll Never See Anything Like ‘Riverdale’ Again.” I suspect this is true!!!

Wuh: Kevin Costner ‘sees himself as having all the class and integrity’ in his divorce. I’m sure he does. [Celebitchy]

Super interesting, at Eater: How I Got My Job: Award-Winning Restaurant Critic

ICYMI: We rounded up cute loafers for fall! Also, we had a bunch of fun chats this week, asking the important questions like what’s your favorite pen? What’s your holy grail notebook? And what’s your very favorite sunscreen?

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