Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have a fun weekend ahead! (It’s my first Sunday without an awards show in a while and I am EXCITED.) Until we meet again on Monday….

At the NYT: “We Belong in These Spaces’: Jackson’s Successors Reflect on Her Nomination; Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Thursday, will be the first Black woman to serve as a justice. Here’s what that means to Black women at her alma mater.”

This is an amazing, and harrowing, essay by Serena Williams, at Elle: How Serena Williams Saved Her Own Life. The headline is not hyperbole. She truly did save her own life.

YES: Erika Christensen Answers Every Question We Have About Swimfan, a movie I saw in the theatre! It is a great interview. [Vulture]

This is WILD: The Unravelling of an Expert on Serial Killers [The New Yorker]

I love this: Universally beloved Oscar Isaac is the ideal “daddy” and doesn’t mind if you call him that.This man is a good sport. [Lainey]

At T&C: The Joy of Pachinko’s Opening Credits

Interesting, at The Ringer: You Know You Love Me: ‘Gossip Girl’ and the Tween YA Explosion of the 2000s

This is great: ‘I Just Want Something That’s Gay and Happy’: L.G.B.T.Q. Romance Is Booming [NYT]

A fun read at Ask a Manager: The flosser, the disrobers, and other Zoom mishaps: share your stories

Things are NOT looking great for Erika: Erika Jayne Sued Yet Again! ‘RHOBH’ Star & Her Company EJ Global LLC Named In $50 Million Racketeering [Socialite Life]

Bustle asks: Can Money Cure My Burnout? (Spoiler, no — but it helps!)

I feel like I’m more interested in this wedding than I ought to be: The Beckhams hang out in Miami ahead of Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz’s $4 million wedding extravaganza. Is it because I love an expensive celebrity wedding? (I do.) Is it because I remember when Brooklyn was BORN? (I also do.)

This is fun and she seems really well: Lindsay Lohan Relives Her Life in Looks, From The Parent Trap to Mean Girls  [Vogue]

This is a really fun and interesting piece at THR: How to Save the Film Academy and the Oscars

I am also invested in THIS relationship in a way that sort of surprises me. (I like how they are obviously legitimately really into each other, and also Travis has been through a lot.) At Celebitchy: Kourtney Kardashian posted photos from her fake Vegas elopement: cute? (I do think it’s cute! Have fun, kids.)

I didn’t know about this: The Labor Disputes at Amy’s Kitchen, Explained [Eater]

Ooh, don’t forget that the Sephora sale is up and running right now! (That’s an affiliate link right to Sephora; we also wrote a post about what we’re getting!)

This situation is a mess: WB Held Emergency Meeting to Pause Ezra Miller’s Projects After Troubled Production, Arrest [Pajiba]

This is so interesting: If Aliens Arrive, They’ll Go Straight to the Museum of Measurement and Time [Texas Monthly]

Speaking of possible aliens: Mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 ‘words’, scientist claims [The Guardian]

Finally, the new season of The Great Pottery Throwdown — which the THE BEST if you’ve never seen it, THE BEST! — comes to HBO Max on the 14th and I’m very thrilled: