Happy Opening Day of baseball! There is no better way to celebrate the crack of the bat than buying yourself some marked down dry shampoo, I always say. The blessed twice-annual Sephora sale is currently open for everyone as of today! (It’s 20% if you’re Rouge status, 15% off if you are VIB, and 10% for everyone. The code is SAVESPRING.) Every six months, this is a good opportunity for me to check whether or not I have spent an insane amount of money on beauty products, and also to get sunscreen! Which I did — I always stock up on Supergoop when I can, because I like it and it isn’t cheap. This is also when I restock my  Dr. JartCicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, which is literally the only thing I wear on my face every single day (other than my moisturizer). (I am a very naturally red-faced person because I am allergic to everything in the world.) Face-wise, I’m thinking about trying something from Paula’s Choice — is this new at Sephora?? (I know it’s a classic but I don’t remember them carrying it) — because I’ve heard so many good things about that brand, so if you are a fan of any of it, please let me know what to sample. I’m also tempted to get the Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Moisturizer because I feel like every influencer I follow loves it. Finally, I would be fired by myself if I didn’t let you know that the Dr. Bader cream is part of the sale. It’s so effective (for me); it’s so expensive. (But they do have mini bottles for fun!)

I also definitely need some more Beauty Blenders — mine are….very gnarly now — and it’s probably good that the Dyson Air Wrap is out of stock because eventually my bi-annual question, “do I need an Air Wrap?” will come up “yes.” (I do not need one. But my sister has one and her hair looks so good!) And this is also when I stock up on my favorite shower gel, which is fairly inexpensive to begin with. (I am sorry, Instagram, I cannot spend $30 on shower gel.) And I really do want to try the Briogeo scalp scrub. That might be it for me — although I did realize the other night that all my eyeliners got gross and dry over the pandemic and I guess technically I should replace all my mascara, too? Ugh. (I love this one and it’s so expensive. I guess now is the time!) Finally, I need to share that I realized I’m at the age where my lipstick starts bleeding unless I use lip-liner, and everything you’ve heard about the Charlotte Tilbury one IS true. It is VERY good.

There’s also all these fun little numbers:

What are you going to stock up on?

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