Hello, friends! Happy Passover, Ramadan, and Easter to those of you who observe the holidays!

Every sentence of this was a journey: Brooklyn Beckham put a wine cork into his bolognese sauce on purpose, you guys [Celebitchy]

Per Vox: Your phone is ruining your vacation.

Do I need these gold sandals??? [Anthro, commissionable link]

This is really interesting: Live Music Is Roaring Back. But Fans Are Reeling From Sticker Shock. Fees and prices for concerts are bonkers these days, it’s really out of control. [NYT, gifted link]

This is a VERY amusing Reddit thread: What would a post on the subreddit “AITA” look like if made by a character from a musical?

At the New Yorker: What Is the Appeal of Fan Fiction?

This is always interesting, at Fashionista: This Is What Fashion Salaries Look Like Right Now

So good — I love seeing inside people’s spaces! — at Curbed: Bethann Hardison’s Many Lives

Certainly relevant to our interests: An oral history of how Grease 2 became a cult classic

Catch up at Lainey: Harry and Emrata: A Vague Timeline

Rihanna’s baby is SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. [Lainey]

This whole thing is nutty: Who’s sending mystery Uber Eats orders to L.A. neighborhoods? The plot thickens. [LAT]

News you can use: This Is the Movie Andrea Riseborough Should Have Been Oscar-Nominated For [Pajiba]

Interesting: The Astrodome’s Decline From Eighth Wonder To Eighth Blunder Of The World. [Texas Monthly]

One of you sent in this BBC podcast, Front Row, and it’s so neat: “Samira discovers a previously unheard recording of The Beatles historic gig for the boys at Stowe School on 4 April 1963. She visits the school to mark the 60th anniversary and talks to former pupil John Bloomfield, who was fifteen when he recorded the concert, the current headmaster Anthony Wallersteiner, and Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn.” Plus Hugh Laurie talks about Agatha Christie!

ICYMI at Drinks With Broads, paid subscribers got our Succession and Yellowjackets recaps, as well as a rollicking Thursday edition full of broken engagements! Romantic denials! Murder She Wrote! Rotating driveways! Fancy Italian hotel auctions! And Barbie! Everyone got Monday’s issue, which covered DRAMA at Yellowstone, our take on the new Tetris movie, and, finally, one stylist says on the record what we’ve all been thinking about those exclusive celeb/brand deals. AT LAST! (You can click through and read those on the Substack site if you want, too.)

Finally, here at GFY, we had MANY a chat, including: What are you reading right now? What’s your best cleaning tip? And what’s your party trick? SO MANY QUESTIONS.