Admittedly, I kind of like this. Or rather, I think she looks good in it. But also this outfit is a top ten example (this week) of ones that are designed and made without thought of like….regular human clothing habits. MOST normal people do not have the need to buy and wear a two-piece denim look that has a giant rosette-attached front train. Where would one actually wear this? Coachella?????? is the only thing that makes sense to me but the train is probably gonna be annoying at a festival. Maybe a birthday party? (I was going to say a bachelorette party but I think the train will get caught up in the spokes of the Beer Bike and THAT will be a nightmare.) Does the trainĀ detach? Why does a long front-flap hank of fabric seem so much more annoying to me than one in the back? Is this giving me an existential crisis? ON A FRIDAY?

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Clarins USA)