Well, apparently everyone spent all weekend celebrating Passover or Easter or just generally having a grand old time NOT wandering around the world in couture. Which, I mean, I GUESS, if that’s how you want to live?!? So I went fishing for a classic photo from an April 10 in history, and turned up this gem of Rosemarie Stack at the 1967 Oscars with her husband, Robert — whom you might know from a little show called Unsolved Mysteries, and also from his career as an actor. (His most important role, obviously, was Rex Kramer in Airplane. By the by, the Wikipedia summary of Airplane is the driest thing imaginable — it reads like a straight-up action movie. I guess to capture that movie’s spirit, you’d have to just provide and old-school TWoP-style 25 page recap.)

Anyway, Rosemarie was also an actress, originally Rosemarie Bowe before she met her husband, and she clearly did NOT lack for theatrical flair. I cannot find a full shot of this outfit anywhere, unfortunately, so I invite and even implore you to imagine what you think it is. I’m sure it’s just a long column, or something, but I enjoy pretending it’s a catsuit that she completed with knee-high white boots.

And that outfit was my gateway to discovering that Rosemarie Stack may have been a Noted Kook of her era. Check out what she wore in March of 1971:

Rosemarie Stack Sighting at Hollywood Raceway Park - March 13, 1971

That appears to be a thick bodysuit underneath the white items, which… I don’t know what she was doing or trying to evoke, but let’s hope it was nothing, because absolutely nobody could consider this a flattering interpretation of ANYTHING. I am beside myself with glee.

[Photos: Archive Photos/Getty Images, Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]