Happy weekend, friends! This weekend is Passover, and it is also Easter, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday if you celebrate! If you are an American, don’t forget to pay your taxes!

Do you need cute summer shoes? We rounded some up! We’re also chatting about what we’re reading!

Super interesting and logistically: Rihanna’s Stylist Jahleel Weaver on Her Most Badgal Maternity Looks [Vogue]

Lainey’s got good coverage of the Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists List.

This is fun: ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ at 30: Sneakers, bets and stories from an all-time sports movie [ESPN]

SUCH a good researched piece about the clothing of the Gilded Age: The Met Gala 2022 Dress Code? Gilded Glamour [Vogue]

Relevant to my interests: How America Became Enamoured with Octagon Houses [Messy Nessy Chic]

Also at Lainey: The Beckhams 2.0: When new money meets young love. 

Intel we need: The Cannes 2022 Lineup Highlights: Movie Stars, Auteurs, and Some Kind of Body Horror [Vanity Fair]

This is a good question and a really interesting piece: What’s Up with Brie Larson’s Career? [Pajiba]

This whole thing feels like a brewing fiasco: Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $43 billion to ‘unlock’ its free-speech potential [Celebitchy]

Speaking of brewing….per Gawker, Bon Appétit Wants To Give You Botulism.

NOT NOW, OCEAN: Virologists Identify More Than 5,000 New Viruses in the Ocean [Smithsonian]

At The Cut: We Finally Know How Kim Kardashian Pees in Those Outfits. Just reading this made me have to pee.

A DELIGHT: Watch Brett Goldstein teach Cookie Monster about the f-word on Sesame Street. [EW]