First of all, I want to extend my congrats to the PR genius who realized that having greenery as your step-and-repeat is wise. It makes your photos so pretty! It doesn’t argue with whatever your celebs are wearing! It makes your event seem so verdant and lush!

Second, both of these ladies are making very brave pantsular choices:

Is it weird if I think Zosia’s never looked better? Is it wrong that these pants on Zoey make me want to see her to step into the role of one of the Golden Girls in a younger-woman-reboot of that beloved sitcom? She would be SO CUTE in the Betty White role, as a kind of dingy but ultimately hilarious lady who sometimes wears polyester trousers, but whose stories we treasure. (I need to percolate on which of today’s young stars would best step into the cranky, sarcastic orthopedics of Dorothy Zbornak, though. Zosia’s not quite right.)

Speaking of, sometimes I watch this when I need to feel better, and it might do that for you too, if you need it: