First of all! Heather and I will be reading from — and then signing! — SPOILED this Sunday at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. We’ll be on the YA Stage at 1pm and signing afterwards, so please come out and say hello. Until then:

Tom Cruise looks so much better with his old school short hair that I actually remember why I used to be in looooove with him back when I was a wee lassie. (Lainey)

– Speaking of hair, could someone please explain to me WHY Jason “George Costanza” Alexander decided he needed some? DUDE. You are maybe one of the most famous bald men in America. WE KNOW YOU ARE BALD. YOU LOOKED LIKE YOURSELF THAT WAY. THIS LOOKS INSANE. Do you not remember the episode of Seinfeld wherein George got a toupee and when Elaine saw it, she hated it so much she ripped it off your head and threw it out the window? I WANT TO THROW THIS OUT THE WINDOW. (Pop2It)

– The Hairpin is doing a Costume Drama Club, which is only the best thing ever. (The Hairpin)

You want to see these 10 Ron Swanson gifs. Gifs are why the internet is awesome. (Uproxx)

You probably also want to look at iconic photos recreated in Legos. (Flavorwire)

– This archeological look at what lies beneath the Coliseum is fascinating. (Smithsonian)

– The Most Iconic Dresses of the 20th Century, or, as I would have called this book, OOOH PRETTY. (The Cut)

–Shoot, if People isn’t denying that Ashton and Demi are dunzo, then Ashton and Demi must actually BE dunzo. (Celebitchy)

– I am not entirely sure that an NYC Scratch N Sniff book is a super great idea…. (Time)

– I think I link to this every fall, but I love it. I still laugh out loud. It’s the autumn version of reading Twas The Night Before Christmas every December 24th. The language is very very NSFW. Enjoy again for the first time: It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf#$ckers. (McSweeney’s)