Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am tired. Some of that might be because we started this week on Sunday with the Emmys. If you missed any of our coverage, you can find it all here.

Also a great and far-ranging discussion happened in our post about the Brangelina Break-Up, which I think you’ll enjoy (or at least find interesting) if you haven’t already gotten into it.

And, elsewhere:

– I cried throughout this wonderful article at ESPN about Vin Scully. I have, in fact, cried five or six times about Vin Scully’s retirement this week alone. That is not hyperbole; I am honestly distraught. As many of you may know, I am a native Los Angeleno. So is my mother. So was her mother. My father moved here when he was a year old. I’ve had family in Los Angeles for over 100 years. We are all Dodgers fans. I don’t mean casually. My first word was “dog,” because my grandfather had a dog. But my first sentence, the first thing my family taught me to say, was “yay Dodgers!” (I had a hard time with my Ls and Ys, so it usually came out “lay, Dodgers!” — or, I suppose if I was feeling French, “Les Dodgers!”)  We always had the Dodgers on TV, every night, during baseball season. And that meant Vin Scully’s comforting, elegant, perfect voice filtered through every single summer of not only my life, but also my parents’ lives. Sometimes I would be watching the game intently. Sometimes I would have the game on while I read a book. But the game was always on. I know that baseball fans understand how great Vin is. But for Dodgers fans, Vin is quite sincerely a member of our families and has a tiny piece of all of our hearts. I cannot express to you how much he means to this city, and how emotionally unprepared we all are to turn on the TV or the radio and not hear him wishing us a pleasant evening, wherever we may be.

– Robin Givhan — one of my favorite writers; not just of fashion, but period — wrote for the WaPo about the dress Rosa Parks was carrying the night she didn’t move to the back of the bus, a dress that is now on display in the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, which the Post has covered at fascinating length, and which I very much want to visit. It opens tomorrow.

– I also recommend John Lewis’s essay about the process of making the museum a reality. It is beautifully written, of course — I picked at least six different portions to quote. I recommend reading the entire piece, but if not, at least read this: “[I]n the final analysis the truth can lead to only one conclusion: We are one people, one family, the American family. We all live in one house, the American house, the world house. It will lead us to see the divine spark that resides in each and every one of us and is a part of the entire creation. It will lead us to see that we are more alike than we are different, that we are not separate, but we are one.”

– I loved this, at Racked, and I think you will also enjoy it: The Politics of Pockets

– I really loved this piece at Curbed: 101 smallest things you can do for your city. I, in fact, cried when I saw the photo of Bill Cunningham they used to illustrate part of it. (I am emotional this Fugs & Pieces; I cried at Vin, John Lewis made me cry, and I also cried over Bill.)

– This GoFundMe to bring back Hart of Dixie made me cry also, except laughing. It’s really funny. To wit: “I want to bring back Wade’s jerk brother Jesse for an altercation choreographed by a team of professional Hollywood fight choreographers. This fight will end in Jesse’s death and Earl’s resultant spiral back into the dark pit of addiction.  For this scene I need no fewer than 300 baby goats.”

– Speaking of Brangelina, Anne Helen Peterson wrote an amazing and brilliant piece about it at Buzzfeed.

– And Lainey has been KILLING IT with her coverage of the ins and outs. Like, she’s written SO MUCH about it over the last few days. If you need the latest, she’s there for you. (I was also interested in her take on how Chelsea Handler — one of Aniston’s best friends — is handling this whole thing. In short: Chelsea is acting like a jerk.)

– I liked this piece at Vogue about Chatsworth House.

– At Pajiba:  Emma Watson Still Kicking Misogyny’s Ass: College Edition

– Esquire has a long piece with Andrea Tantaros about why she is suing Fox News that is worth your time.

– At Collectors Weekly: Roadside Curiosities: Things That Make You Go “What the Heck?”

– All 139 Grey’s Anatomy characters: RANKED. [Revelist]

– Related, at The AV Club: Shonda Rhimes’ characters are defined by what they drink

Other highlights you might have missed this week at GFY: