Happy first official weekend of fall! To get you in the mood, I rounded up a bunch of AUTUMNAL DELIGHTS.

The Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas divorce has gotten as nasty as I think we all knew it would. As I noted at Drinks With Broads yesterday, if I were Joe, I’d be terrified now that Taylor Swift has entered the chat. [Lainey]

I clicked on this so fast: The Kitchen Stuff Ruth Reichl’s Been Using Since 1972.  (BTW, I also love Ruth’s Substack.) [The Strategist]

Kim DOES like an athlete: Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr really are ‘hanging out’ now that he’s single [Celebitchy]

You should know that J.Crew’s blue and white striped table linens are back in stock! [affiliate link]

Bon Appetit made a bingo card for the new season of Great British Bake-Off.

Important, at Vulture: The Screen Sweaters Forever Stitched Into Our Minds. They left out one iconic movie sweater in a mistake SO egregious that I think it was intentional, to get comments and engagement.

They had me at this headline: Murder at the Tiki Palace: When Swinging Went Sour in the 70s. [Messy Nessy Chic]

Drama coming from inside the house, surely: Rupert Murdoch hands control of Fox media empire to son Lachlan Murdoch. [WaPo, gifted link]

Pajiba thinks that HBO Is a Real Mess Right Now.

Slate wants you to argue about The 40 Greatest Stand-Alone TV Episodes of All Time.

An interesting piece at Conde Nast Traveler about cruise ship dress codes. (I am very interested in cruises despite not really wanting to go on one.)

Can’t wait to make this: Our All-Time Most Requested Recipe Turns 40. Here’s Its Story. [NYT, gifted link]

Big news! Britney Spears’s Crossroads Takes the Road Back to Theaters. [Vulture]

We had several chats this week! We talked about everyone’s favorite shapewear, what you’re reading right now, and also everyone’s current favorite cookbooks!

Finally, at Drinks With Broads! Everyone got Tuesday’s newsletter tackling TV Shows to Watch With a Buddy and the increasingly wild celeb auction to benefit the strike fund and folks on the paid subscriber list got a newsletter on Thursday that reviewed the new Super Models docu series, looked at the new J.Crew coffee table book, discussed the possibly last update on the Costner divorce, looked at one of Richard Burton’s homes, AND MORE.

(Photo By: MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images)