Happy Friday, dear Fug Nation! May your weekend be full of temperate weather.

– This is very cool. Cosmo, talking to women with interesting and unusual jobs, brings us: How I Became a Zookeeper.

– Speaking of interesting advocations, let’s go Inside the World of Longsword Fighting. (New York Times)

Amy Adams’s hair looked AMAZING in Milan (where she sat next to Anna Wintour. I hope she’s getting a Vogue cover). (Lainey)

– I am in love with this piece on Weird Soap Opera Science. (EW)

– And this, from The History of Love: 8 Ill-advised Reasons for Getting Married, 1792. Including, “1. Because she probably won’t live very long anyway.” (In fairness, I do think “the vastness of his shoulders” is a lovely reason to get hitched.)

– Have you seen Lupita on Sesame Street with Elmo? It’s wonderful. (And her dress is fab.) (Jezebel)

– Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch as Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. (Vanity Fair)

– Oh, God, Allison Janney and Anna Faris tried to do the American Ninja Warrior course. I would quite literally die. (Pajiba)

–Let’s look at celebrity wedding dresses from this year to date! (Elle)

– OMG: The Annlympics: Power-Ranking the Casts of All Three ‘Annie’ Adaptations Against Each Other. (The Wire)

– Why aren’t there more PowerPoints about boots you own, want to own, or used to own? (Zulkey)

– This is funny: I Pumpkin Spiced My Life With Black-Market Starbucks Syrup. (Grub Street)

–The Limited now has a Scandal collection. WHERE IS THE WINE CARDIGAN!? Though that cape is legit cute. (People StyleWatch)

– A very good question: How Many Clothes Did an 18th Century Woman Own? (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– You’re going to love this: A Guide to the Ever-Changing Accents of Tom Hardy. (Pajiba)

– And this: Unsatisfied Women In Western Art History. (The Toast)

This is NOT a good cover of Lindsay Lohan. AT ALL. (Celebitchy)