What a week! There were a LOT of events, including the Emmys! You can catch up with that coverage here, if you missed it. We also had a truly heinous slideshow from the Icons Party at Fashion Week.

This is a GREAT and very clever piece about Choose Your Own Adventure books. [The New Yorker]

Sniffle. We knew it was coming, but Roger Federer officially announced that he’s retiring from tennis, and Rafa Nadal wrote him a lovely tweet. What a bizarre season, with Rafa’s resurgence during Roger’s absence; one seemed timeless and the other, out of time. The U.S. Open matches showed us that men’s tennis is in for a thrilling decade if everyone stays healthy, but boy, will Roger (and eventually Rafa)(not Novak, sit down Novak) be missed. [ESPN]

Also extremely well done, at Texas Monthly: “Pecos Jane Has a Name: The young woman who mysteriously drowned in the Ropers Motel pool in 1966 might have remained anonymous forever, if not for cutting-edge genetics, old-fashioned genealogy—and the kindness of a small West Texas town.”

What in the cult hell is Kanye up to, starting a non-accredited religious private school where people sign NDAs?!? It’s near here; maybe I should go sniff around. [Rolling Stobne]

Is Gigi Hadid dating Leonardo DiCaprio now?! She’d be his most high-profile (and not for nothing, oldest) girlfriend in years. Lainey has her doubts, but it might be kind of fun for gossip. [Lainey]

Important work here: A Brief History of Zendaya and Tom Holland Flirting Publicly [The Cut]

Fun! An oral history of Bloomingdale’s, at the New York Times.

This seems like a mess: Ray J threatens to sue Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner & CBS over sex tape scandal. [Socialite Life]

Attention skating fans: 17-year old American skater Ilia Malinin became the first man to land a quad axel in competition. (You might recall him from Nationals; he qualified for the Olympics but they opted not to bring him, which was a mini-uproar). Word was broken by a well-reputed skating live-tweeter who was in the arena along with… hardly anyone else. This link wasn’t paywalled for me, but if it is for you, US Figure Skating tweeted a video clip (that is also embedded in this piece). [WSJ]

Ooooh, pretty! The Best Jewelry at the 2022 Emmys. [The Adventurine]

Interesting: Hemlines and Court Lines: On the Evolution of Women’s Tennis Clothes [LitHub]

I cannot believe I plan to watch this upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy and apparently Ellen Pompeo can’t believe she still has to be in it. [Celebitchy]

Ooooh, Glen “Hangman” Powell and Rege-Jean Page signed on for a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid TV series on Amazon — with Powell in the Redford role and Page stepping into Paul Newman’s shoes. That is a good-looking, charismatic duo taking the reins from another good-looking charismatic duo. Well played. [Variety]

I’m really bummed that Allure is ceasing its print publication, but I’m always excited to read its annual Best of Beauty!

Amazing: We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business [Eye on Design]

This headline made me laugh: I’m Finally Getting Rid of my Instant Pot, and I’m Not the Only One. I’m not getting rid of mine, but I get it! [Eater]

Ooh la la: Dangerous Dancing Dandies were the Bad Boys of the Belle Epoque. [Messy Nessy Chic]

I chuckled at this headline. For real: Not now, Marvel [Lainey]

I might need to be talked out of (OR INTO???) these fab fuchsia loafers. [Affiliate link to Anthropologie]

Vanity Fair brings us Succession’s J. Smith-Cameron on Emmy-Worthy Power Dressing.

Pajiba asks: Will ‘Abbott Elementary’ Be the Next, and Possibly Last, Great Sitcom to Hit 100 Episodes?

This seems like potentially useful intel: Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants 2022