Time for some procrastinatory reading material!

– Racked asks Why Women Love Loud Shoes. Loud as in clickity clackety, not as in bright.

– The New York Times magazine, T, had a lovely feature this past week called To the First Lady, With Love. Not for nothing, but FLOTUS also looks FANTASTIC in the photos.

– Kim France wrote a very touching essay called This Is Not My Beautiful House for Medium.

– Whoo hoo! Target’s next collab is with Victoria Beckham! [Refinery29]

– Thank you, Lainey. I needed some Idris Elba this week.

– Speaking of! Over at The Ringer, Allison P. Davis (who I love) interviews Lainey herself.


– At Pajiba:  Listen, Shut Up: The Unflappable Coolness of Allison Janney. Amen.

– This is a really interesting piece about high-frame-rate cinema (the new Ang Le movie is in HFR and apparently watching it is really unpleasant, in a literal sense). [Slate]

– Per Bon Appetit: ‘Election Cake’ Makes a Modern Day Resurgence. LET’S EAT SOME.

Vogue brings us The Most Memorable Moments from Jackie O’s Marriage to Aristotle Onassis, and it’s all very glam.

– Via Celebitchy, apparently Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky are dating. She has wide-ranging tastes in dudes.

Town and Country brings us sixteen Halloween cocktails, so drink up.

– Speaking of drinking, via The Telegraph, I bring you a very British headline:  Maths team plots route between 25,000 UK boozers. In case you want to know the speediest way to visit every pub in the UK.

– At Revelist, two women ate their way through the Gilmore Girls cookbook.

And, if you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights: