I mean, can we be honest? There is no way I wasn’t going to love this cover:

Emma Stone in a Breton stripe — cropped or otherwise; this one is by Michael Kors — is possibly my platonic ideal of a magazine cover, second only to whenever Vogue remembers that Lupita Nyong’o always looks amazing on their covers and should be on one every year. This just has major personality — and using the “V” for their “vote” headline is clever (and a very good suggestion on their part). In addition to patriotism, Emma is promoting La La Land, which I am actually quite excited to see, and, for once the interior shoot is charming and seems to be telling an actual story (sometimes I feel like Vogue is all, “eh, I dunno. Stand her in front of a wall, then let’s make it look like she was hit by a car. Oh, then I guess we turn her into a Dust Bowl schoolteacher, and then end with…ugh, who cares? Maybe a milkmaid. Whatever.” Not in this case).

And, of course, nowadays one cannot be on the cover of Vogue without doing 73 Questions, it seems, and so Emma has complied. I have to admit, I was really distracted by eye-balling her apartment, but I also actually burst out laughing at a few of Emma’s answers. These videos never feel 100% natural — although the SJP one might have been the best, and the DanRad one was great – but you can always tell when someone is a decent actor. Which she is:

Major bonus points for the Britney imitation, obviously.

[Cover: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Vogue]