So, I hope our Greek Fug Nationals are in the mood to do some recon on Lindsay Lohan’s new nightclub — titled, appropriately, Lohan. I’m not sure what that really SAYS about the club unless it’s some kind of immersive experience, in which one night there includes cycling through three different hair colors, twice playing your own identical twin, finding someone else’s cocaine in your pants, filming ten ungrateful minutes of your reality show before a hologram of Oprah comes to yell at you, and nearly losing a finger in a yacht-related catastrophe.

At least she looks nice, if also slightly like a lady who’s about to stand in front of a large bulls-eye while a man in tights throws knives at her. If THAT turns out to be the theme of Lohan, well… let’s just hope there’s no audience participation.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]