Take a break from sewing your Sexy Dyson Rollerball costume and have a read:

– Want to win a copy of SPOILED? FFJD interviewed us, and they’re giving it away! (Er. No pun intended.) Thanks, ladies! (The FFJD)

– I love Design*Sponge’s “Living In” series, and I extra love that this week, they did The Royal Tenenbaums. I seriously have been coveting that wallpaper for a LONG TIME. (Design*Sponge)

They’re coming out with a new DeLoren, AND hoverboards? HAS ANYONE SEEN MICHAEL J FOX LATELY? Because I would be happy to go retrieve him from the Future. Or the past. Wherever he might be at the moment. (THR)

– I LOVE that InStyle shot Miss Piggy for November’s issue. Girlfriend (pigfriend?) looks good. (WWD)

– I’d like to thank Lainey for reminding me that John Cho is hot.  (Lainey Gossip)

– Oooh, so is Matt Bomer. (Celebitchy)

– Congrats, Chicago! You have delicious pizza, and, now, the best restroom in America! (Time)

– You probably want to buy someone this Saved By the Bell cross-stitch. (Etsy)

– And you definitely want to peruse this round-up of five great pieces about imposters. Seriously. It’s awesome. (Slate, via Longform)

– Speaking of imposters, this piece about people impersonating athletes is also well-worth a read. (Slate)

– Speaking of ATHLETES, bless Aaron Rodgers and his love of the photobomb. (With Leather)

– Ooh, I love this: Fake Books From Fiction We Wish We Could Read. (Flavorwire)

– Don’t worry, NPR. I too am obsessed with Sriracha. I just really love condiments. Seriously. (NPR)

– Former Fug Madness champion Bai Ling has celebrated getting out of rehab by making a pop song about it, and you need to hear it. It’s not good but there is something terminally catchy about it. (PopTrash Addicts)

– On the absolute opposite side of the cultural coin: Joan Didion has a new memoir coming out, and I have no doubt it will be a gut-wrencher (The Year of Magical Thinking almost killed me). This interview alone is a bit of a wrencher. (New York)