ENJOY! I made this for you!

– FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE! No, seriously: Book Riot is suggesting books for people who love Clue.

– This week’s (cocktail) recipe is courtesy of Waiting on Martha: Rummy Spiced Cider

Cosmo has partnered with Dispensing Dignity  to help homeless and low-income women who cannot afford to buy feminine hygiene products. I donated, and I hope they raise a lot of money.

– This is fascinating, at Atlas Obscura: From WWII to Syria, How Seed Vaults Weather Wars. I didn’t know anything about any of this and it’s amazing. I could cut and paste all of it — people are dying to save seeds; botanists are thwarting Nazis! — but here’s just a taste: “During the Georgian civil unrest of 1993, just before the country’s Sukhumi Seed Station was destroyed, an 83-year-old botanist named Alexey Fogel escaped into the Caucasus Mountains with its entire lemon collection.” Do yourself a favor and read this.

This Brie Larson piece on Buzzfeed — by Anne Helen Peterson — is well worth your eyeballs. To wit: “We’ve created such a stigma around ‘strong women are bitches,’ and who wants to be that? There are certain laws and codes that are ingrained in us, and we don’t even understand that there is this option of no. It’s a word that, over the years, I’ve grown more and more comfortable with — that I’ve really grown to love very much. And it’s an incredible feeling to be put into a situation where you feel like you can’t say no, and then you go, Oh wait, I have this word I can use: no. “

– Lainey weighs in on the Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris break-up rumors.

– Where else but McSweeny’s would you find something called Mostly Uninformative Infographics? They’re about the tech sector, and Justin Timberlake is involved.

This is my favorite lede of the year, courtesy of the AP: “A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama-keeper.”

– This was an interesting piece at The Atlantic. Let me share the opener with you: “If a Pulitzer-finalist 34-part series of investigative journalism can vanish from the web, anything can.” But there’s way more to it than that.

– Here’s some Cumberbatch for your Friday! (Celebitchy)

– You guys, it’s the end of an era. ANTM is ending this season. Buzzfeed ranks its winners. I STRONGLY DISAGREE with a lot of these rankings, but I fully agree with number one. ALSO, since we’re talking about ANTM, we actually saw Jaslene walking in Michael Costello’s show this fashion week. I LOVED JASLENE. Actually, I ALSO saw Yoanna, but she was waiting in line next to me for something. She was REALLY tan. You don’t need to be so tan, Yoanna.

I also loved Margaret Lyons’s piece on ANTM over at Vulture: “Let us not forget Shandi’s amazing ‘You had sex?’ phone call, or Jade’s unpredictability, or Melrose’s perky idiocy. Yaya’s respieto. Bre’s granola bars. When everyone claimed Michelle had a flesh-eating bacterial infection, but she actually just had impetigo. Angelea suing Tyra. Lisa deciding to pee in a diaper. We watched and wondered: Why were some women so against getting haircuts? Why couldn’t anyone memorize one damn line from whatever mascara commercial they were pretending to make? We were all rooting for you!” (PS: Also, some GFY Trivia: Working on ANTM is where Heather met her husband.)

– At Collectors Weekly: When Book Lovers Guarded Their Prized Possessions With Tiny Artworks

Tracee Ellis Ross works out in red lipstick, because she’s awesome. (Into The Gloss)

– This was a really interesting piece at Eater, about Danny Meyer eliminating tipping from all of his restaurants.

– Over at Jezebel: In Honor of Angela Lansbury’s 90th Birthday, Here Are 90 Photos of Angela Lansbury

– New York, did you know you have a speakeasy bookstore? (The Guardian)

– Ooh, let’s all rent one of these private islands! (Esquire)

– At This Is Colossal: A French Museum Dedicated to Over 100 Hyperrealistic Miniature Film Sets. !!!!!!

–This is funny, at Pajiba: Go Home, IMDB. You’re Drunk: 17 Times IMDb Algorithm Mischaracterized Your Favorite Stars. (The fact that Woody Harrelson’s isn’t AT LEAST Cheers is confounding.)

– The Toast brings us a vision of Harry Potter where Hermione stops doing anyone’s homework for him.