Oooh, you guys, this week’s Royals Round-Up has SO MUCH stuff for you! Babies! Pregnancies! Princess Estelle! Capes! HIDEOUS hats! Tiaras! Livestock! The Return of the Rug! QE2! People in tuxes! Kings in uniforms! Crime-fighting! Prince Harry!

Speaking of Harry, he and Wills&Kate have like eight events coming up over the next couple of weeks, so…you know, PREPARE YOURSELF or whatever. One of them will allegedly be a Tiara Event for Kate, so that will be exciting.


People has the scoop on Wills’s trip to Cambridge yesterday, in which he noted that Charlotte is “ladylike” (I assume she takes her bottle with one finger delicately curled out), George is “lively” (code for “holy shit, still such a tremendous handful, you guys”) and Lupo has destroyed the yard. Then William looked at the Magna Carta.

Hello! of course has all the deets on the Swedish christening.

The Duchess Kate blog has all the details on the upcoming state visit from the Chinese president Xi Jinping; as ever, the post is highly detailed and super informative.

– And The Duchess Diary has video of Princess Leonore dancing throughout the ceremony to christen Prince Nicolas.

– This story, at The Telegraph, is quite interesting: Queen intervenes to settle title feud opening way to title pretenders. PRETENDERS!

– Also, at The Mirror: Experts who found Richard III in a Leicester car park receive MBEs from the Queen.

– At Royalista, this is freaking crazy: The Danish Royal Court gave a statement clarifying that Princess Marie DID NOT recently get a boob job. I don’t know why they didn’t just ignore this rumor. (I read that the OTHER rumor was that she ACTUALLY got said breast implants in France. I say: you do whatever you want with your boobs, lady.)

Tatler of course brings you thirteen rules for owning a castle; VERY useful stuff.

– I continue to be fascinated by The Court Jeweller’s coverage of the jewels of the Shah of Iran.

– Behold some Swedish christening snaps:

– And, yes! Sofia and C-P are having a baby, as I mentioned in the slideshow. YAY FOR BABIES!