Greetings, Fug Nation! A reminder that Monday is a holiday for American readers — it’s Veteran’s Day — and we will be posting on a more relaxed schedule. (Although we will be posting; Saturday will also have new posts.)

– ICYMI: We wrapped up the CMAS for The Cut!

–ICYMI 2: We rated the iconic flowing man-hair of film for Vulture, in what turned out to be one of my favorite projects lately.

– ICYMI 3: There’s still time to snag some of the pretty shoes we designed in collaboration with Milk & Honey; our proceeds are going to the Alzheimer’s Association.

– Lionsgate wants to open A HUNGER GAMES THEME PARK. If that’s true to life, man that’s going to be a VERY DARK OUTING. (Pajiba)

– An ode to Jack McKay’s giant sweats. (Previously.TV)

– Rebecca Harrington’s series on celebrity diets is endlessly hilarious, and her most recent piece — Beyonce! — is great. (The Cut)

– Emma Thompson, you’re the best. (Lainey Gossip)

Here’s a preview of The Sound of Music LIVE! With Carrie Underwood and Bill Compton. Underwood sounds fine/like she’s thinking, “SOUND BROADWAY, CARRIE!”. Vampire Bill is already no Christopher Plummer. I seriously might be more worked up about a non-Plummer Captain than I am about a non-Andrews Maria, and I love Julie Andrews. (Atlantic Wire)

– In the That Says It All Headline Sweepstakes, your winner: Dudes Are Trying to Sleep With Courtney Love So They Can Play Kurt Cobain in a Biopic, Says Courtney Love. (Grantland)

– I know you and I know you want to see this Tom Hiddleston Slumber Party Shenanigans. (Celebitchy)

– Behold Team USA’s uniforms for Sochi 2014 (EW)

– How could I not want to read something called The Blockbuster Fall Nail Guide? My own nails are currently something called “Deep Space,” personally. (Refinery29)