I spent most of this week on jury duty at the criminal courts, and all of it finishing my marathon of Breaking Bad (which I started with the pilot on the day that everyone else watched the series finale).  I rather feel as if I have just emerged from a dark place where terrible things happen on both counts. Let’s try to keep it light with the following:

– Do you watch Sleepy Hollow? YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING IT. It’s so delightful. And if you do, you need to read this and realize that everyone on that show is as charming as humanly possible, and Orlando Jones is a hero for our time. (Buzzfeed)

– I’m positive you want to check in with Prince Harry. (Lainey Gossip)

– Speaking of The Royals, People takes on Kate twirling her hair at the Remembrance Day event this week. (People)

– Speaking of posh, Posh and Becks are selling off the crown she wore at their wedding. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! (The Cut)

– We’re all gone through the Ten Stages of Shopping a Designer Collection. I will never forget The Great Missoni Debacle of Whenever That Was. (XO Jane)

– This is news you need to know: Nude Photos of Nicolas Cage May Soon Leak. Here’s How to Prepare Yourself. !!!!!!! (Pajiba)

They’ve invented wine for cats. This is going to end badly, and on YouTube. (Time)

Melrose Place  subtitled in emoji is exactly what you want it to be. (Wired)

– There is a lot of chatter on the gossip wires about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux maybe being on…well, if not totally the “outs,” cooling off. Like, several stories. Which I hope isn’t true just because I don’t think I can live through another round of POOR JEN SHE WILL NEVER FIND LOVE!!!! magazine articles. (Celebitchy)