Bring it, weekend.

– Hey, look! It’s the world’s tiniest library. (The Atlantic Cities)

– Stuff famous authors wrote in the margins of other famous books. (Flavorwire)

– The DMS-5 has decided that caffeine withdrawal counts as a mental disorder. Just add it to my tab. (Time)

Harper Seven and David Beckham went to the Kings game and ended up on the Kiss Cam and it was adorable. I love them together. (Lainey)

– Need I say more than the title? Everything Ron Swanson Has Eaten in Five Seasons of Parks and Recreation. (Vulture)

Zosia Mamet has a Kickstarter in which she’s asking the public to kick in $32,000 so she can make a music video (??????????!!!!!!?!??). Maybe see if your Dad will give you a loan first, kid. Also, that seems really expensive. (Refinery29)

– I enjoy you, Channing Tatum, and not only for this quote: “I feel like I have to do a chess movie that requires very little movement at some point, just so I can eat pizza and play chess on the beach all day. And then eat more pizza and cheese-burgers and drink beer. That’d be amazing. I’d give anything for that. I gotta figure that movie out.” I would go to there! (Cosmopolitan)

– In salute to Liberace, Slate looks at the History of the Dandy. (Slate)

– The story behind all the songs Marc Shamain and Scott Wittman did for Smash, by Marc Shamain, with bonus editorializing about Smash. Very interesting indeed.

– Speaking of insiders’ perspectives, Mara “Matilda” Wilson wrote a very interesting and thoughtful piece about why child stars go off the rails (she did not). (Cracked)

– I want to play Find The Beer! in the French countryside with these guys! (Food and Think)

– A family is using one of the pavilions from the 1964 World’s Fair as a summer house and it is groovy. (New York Times)

The Met has a surprisingly large collection of baseball cards, and they are neat. (ESPN)

Will and Jaden Smith give an interview and it is…intriguing. I am also worried Will is a Scientologist. (Vulture)

Henry Cavill looks dreamy on the cover of (and inside) Details. (Celebitchy)