Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American readers! Due to the holiday, we will be off on Monday, but shall return with Fug Guns blazing on Tuesday, May 28th. Have a lovely long weekend, full of barbeque, beers, satisfying naps, beach reads, beach TRIPS, and trashy TV marathons. Until then:

Lainey delves deep into the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart break-up, and their respective media strategies, which is interesting. I feel like we all knew this was coming, regardless of the conditions. Most people don’t stay with the dude they were dating at 22 for the rest of their lives. (Lainey)

– Let’s look at some of the best cards from the National Stationery Show! (Some are NSFW.) (Design*Sponge)

– The folks at LEGO made a 46,000 pound (!!) X-Wing and it sure was complicated to pull off. (Time)

41 regional American sandwiches and I want one of each. (Grub Street)

– I know there is a faction of you that will deeply and sincerely appreciate B. Cumberbatch’s deleted shower scene from Star Trek. (Celebitchy)

– Vulture’s Judy Blume compendium is a delight, which is apt given that Judy Blume is awesome. (Vulture)

– In the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of Awesome is Joe Francis, who gave the most drunken and misguided interview to The Hollywood Reporter, including going on CAMERA (obviously drunk!!) to note that the jury who recently convicted him of IMPRISONING WOMEN IN HIS HOME was, and I quote “retarded,” and should be EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD. He is the worst person, but at least everyone knows it. (THR)

– Let’s swing back to awesome, and get ready to cry. Helen Mirren had tea with a terminally ill boy who wanted to meet the actual Queen but was unable to do so. In costume as the Queen (after inviting him and his family to see her play). With corgis. And footmen. She is the most best. (Gawker)

– While we’re on matters British, let’s look at this amazing rare color footage of London in 1927. (Death and Taxes)

– And speaking of the 20s, if not London, this is an interesting piece about the rise of sports fanaticism in America and the roaring 20s. (The Atlantic)

– Sure, the inventor of the gif says we’re supposed to call it a “jif,” but it ain’t peanut butter and I’m not doing it. But I AM thanking Refinery29 for compiling their favorite gifs. So many cats falling over and kids dancing. Also, Beyonce. (Refinery29)

– The Cut looks at the 45 most spectacular gems of all time. GEMS!!!!! (The Cut)

– You probably want to read/watch this awesome piece about all the chicken dances in Arrested Development. (Flavorwire)

– Finally, speaking of supercuts, Vulture did a supercut of EVERY IMPRESSION Bill Hader ever did at SNL. It is tremendous. I love him. (Vulture)