Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who celebrate it!

– We took part in this piece for Vanity Fair, but I would have recommended you read it anyway: Why the 1980s Anne of Green Gables Is Such a Hard Act to Follow

– At Lainey, Jessica Chastain’s MASSIVE EYEROLL on the subject of Johnny Depp is A MASTERWORK.

– Speaking of, at Vulture: The 11 Most Extravagant Things Johnny Depp Wasted His Money On

– The CW’s reboot of Dynasty is a go! [Buzzfeed]

– Also at Lainey, some hot hot Charlie Hunnam for your viewing pleasure.

– I cannot top Pajiba’s original headline for this piece. Ahem: The KFC Mother’s Day Romance Novel Doesn’t Have Nearly Enough Porking.

– Revelist does a deep-dive into brow micro-blading, about which I am obsessed for some reason? I do not need it, and yet…I cannot stop reading about it.

– Into the Gloss has a great in-depth Q&A about sunscreen this week (in part because Glossier just launched one, which, yes, of course I bought).  On my body, I’m currently using a combo of spray-on La Roche-Posay (but the mist isn’t very fine; I need a spray on that works on my back because I don’t always have someone around to rub sunscreen on my back) and a huge tub of SuperGOOP I bought at Target when I got overly enthusiastic about how much I was going to be outside last summer.

– I’m likewise obsessed with these TONYMOLY sheet masks. [College Fashion]

–  Refinery29 drew my attention to the fact that some of Britney’s costumes are currently up for auction and I ASSUME someone will get me one for my birthday? Which, real talk, I seriously just typed as “my bitchday.” You guys, EVERY day is my bitchday.)

– Via Celebitchy, Patti Lupone is not a fan of Madonna’s Evita, and NO this headline didn’t come to you from 1996.