Happy Friday, Fug Nation! Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. If you are looking for something to read, as ever, I suggest our new book, The Royal We (just today, one of you said to me, “I had no idea you had a new book out!” so forgive us for continuing to plug it), the e-book price of which is (I think) about to go up. You can get it for your Kindle here, or click on the previous link for all kinds of buying info — get on in there and get your deal!

Elsewhere, for your enjoyment:

– Heather and I wrote an essay for The Toast about how we write as a duo — both logistically and, like, emotionally.

– This is a wonderfully written piece over at Cosmo by our friend Alie, about her struggle with alopecia (and her very awesome new wig).

– Over at Oyster Review, a lovely piece about “the good bits” in books.

– At Elle, this women let her Tinder matches pick her outfits for the week.

– Pajiba is predicting the summer’s biggest box office hits and flops.

Shirtless David Beckham. ENJOY. (The Fashion Spot)

Vanity Fair ranks all the wedding gowns on Game of Thrones

– A very interesting article in Smithsonian about the death of nylons.

– Big thanks to Hitha on the Go — one of my favorite sources for travel packing tips; have I mentioned I am obsessed with travel packing and am terrible at it? — for adding The Royal We to her April Hit List!

– In honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend, look at all these crazy old hats! (Retroette)

Amy Adams is allegedly getting married this weekend. Mazel tov, you glorious redhead! (Lainey)

– This Grantland article about Nikki Minaj, bar mitzvahs, and thirteen year old boys is making the rounds for good reason.

– One of my favorite things is when Kanye gets really into decorating — remember when he ordered a cherub rug and got a rug WITH NO CHERUBS and was distraught on Twitter? And ergo I enjoyed this at Celebitchy:  Kim Kardashian: Kanye ‘literally flew to Belgium to find wood for our kitchen’

– The ladies over at People StyleWatch attempt a variety of shenanigans to get Kylie Jenner-esque lips. It’s funny AND educational!

– Did you ever wonder what Charlie from Center Stage looks like now? Spoiler: Still hot. (Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of Still Hot, somehow I ended up revisiting our Olympian Abs post this week, while looking something up, and you should too. Just do it.

– This is fascinating, insane: Soon, We’ll Be Able to Grow Our Own Handbags (The Cut)