Don’t forget to Spring Forward on Sunday, North America! Also, FUG MADNESS STARTS SOON. Have you weighed in on who you think we should include?

– On March 3, 1913, over 5000 people marched on Washington “to give expression to the nation-wide demand for an amendment to the United States Constitution enfranchising women,” as the event’s program put it. The Smithsonian has a document detailing the organization and makeup of the parade, and it is fascinating. Thanks for all your hard work, ladies. (Smithsonian)

– So MTV has put every photo from TRL’s photobooth online. 500 plus pictures from the heyday of TRL. All celebrities. It’s insane. Enjoy the next six hours of saying things like, “Wow, Debra Messing was so YOUNG. Aw, BRITNEY! Ooh, Jennifer Garner is kissing Scott Foley. Awkward. Hey! I forgot Simon Rex existed! Wow, that band was TERRIBLE.” Etc (MTV)

– It’s true. We are all Elaine Benes. (Buzzfeed)

– I LOVE Collectors Weekly. Both because it’s interesting and because I am a bit of a hoarder and we hoarders like to think we’re COLLECTING INTERESTING THINGS. Recently they talked about Cosby sweaters to…. Bill Cosby. And costumers from The Cosby Show. It is totally fascinating. Some of the sweaters pictured here are AWESOME. I want the one featuring Bill Cosby running track across the front. (Collectors Weekly)

The Everygirl profiles the effortlessly awesome Kim France. (The Everygirl)

– Lainey thinks Stacy Keibler may have finished her stint on the arm of Intern George. If true, she certainly had the most successful run as George Clooney’s Official Girlfriend, and it’s hard to feel too bad about going out in the stunning Oscar dress. (Lainey)

– If you haven’t yet seen Mila Kunis shoot the breeze with a very weird BBC journalist (who is totally doing a schtick that may or may not be based on the fact that he is actually awkward and unprepared in reality) during her current press junket, you ought to. She is awesome and kind. (Vulture)

– I love that AnnaSophia Robb loves her big curly Carrie wig. (Refinery29)

– This outfit is insane on Fergie, but I am tickled that she and Duhamel are having a baby, because I think they’ve been trying for awhile. Yay for babies. But seriously, this outfit is insane. (Celebitchy)