First of all, we’d like to sincerely thank you guys for putting up with all the technical issues we have been having here at GFY. I know I found them frustrating, but they must have been exponentially more annoying for those of you who just wanted to read a dang website without the whole thing bursting into flames on a daily basis. Your support — and, literally, your actual technical help — is extremely, extremely appreciated.  Thank you for being you.


– Holy cow. Cosmopolitan found a vintage hand-drawn cover that looks EERILY like Amy Poehler. Now I want Leslie Knope to buy that hat. (Cosmo)

– So, SWINTON’s in a box at MoMA. No, literally. (New York Times)

This is a great piece about the state of LGBT characters and stories in YA.  I particularly loved this quote, from one of the authors discussed, Marisa Calin:”The shift I’d like to see more of is the distinction between sexuality defined as who we want to sleep with versus who we love. Prejudiced people make an easy target of ‘gay’ being about sex, but I noticed the butterflies, the beating heart and the compulsive need to smile long before I had any idea what I wanted to do about it.”  (The Atlantic Wire)

– Speaking of love, Refinery29 has put together another City Hall Weddings slideshow which, as you know, I love. Mazel tov! (Refinery29)

– You want to watch Kirsten Dunst and Joseph Gordon Levitt play Celebrity Jeopardy as teens. (Time)

– Let’s rank all seasons of The Real World, and then think about HOW OLD WE ARE. (Vulture)

– Oh, lord. Now Bieber is spitting in people’s faces (ALLEGEDLY). That is no way for a possible Fug Madness champion to behave! (Lainey Gossip)

– Let’s look at some creepy abandoned theme parks. (

Anne Hathaway and Franco are STILL SNIPING ABOUT THE OSCARS. You guys, just shut up. (Although I am kind of Team Anne on this one.) (Celebitchy)