In my ongoing saga of Not Knowing What Date It Is, I first dated this as “3015,” and then “2013.” NEITHER OF WHICH IS TRUE.

Moving on:

– Did you know that our new book, The Royal We, comes out on April 7th? Did you know that we’re currently giving away some awesome prize packs that you should enter to win? Now you know!

– Speaking of London (kinda): The Romantic-Comedy Lover’s Guide to London (Buzzfeed)

– Also at Buzzfeed, you must take this quiz. Who Said It: Kanye West Or Jean-Ralphio Saperstein?

– ALSO AT BUZZFEED, I cried laughing at this post about things people have bought whilst drunk.

– Relevant to our interests:Why Is American Figure Skating Losing the Cold War? (Rolling Stone)

– Dean Smith left money in his will to every single kid who ever played for him at North Carolina. (GQ)

– This is awesome: Every Argument About “Buffy” On The Internet, From 1998 Until Now (The Toast)

– The Decider takes a step back in time and revisits a SERIOUSLY BAD episode of Beverly Hills, 90210

– Speaking of TV, this makes me laugh: I Didn’t Watch TV for a Week Because I’m a Better Person Than You (Cosmo)

– While we’re doing Fug Madness, our friends at Forever Young Adult are devoting their own bracketology skillz to TEEN HEARTHROBS.

Taylor Swift defending her own grammar really pleases me. (Elle)

– WHAT??? Via the Washington Post: The soda industry is discovering what the future of Diet Coke looks like (and it isn’t pretty).

– Here’s Sophie Hunter’s wedding dress. I think it’s SO pretty on her. (Lainey)

– Oh, man: David O. Russell’s Abandoned ‘Accidental Love’ Is Not Even Worthy of an All-GIF Review (Pajiba)

Dolly Parton says she’s never going to retire and I say, THANK GOODNESS. (Celebitchy)