Let’s do this:

– Let’s celebrate the return of Mad Men with a video of all the ladies Don Draper loved (and left, most of them) last season. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of great lovers, Smithsonian got to take an up-close and personal look at Casanova’s hand-written memoirs. (Smithsonian)

– In the same vein, Gavin Polone talked to three actual actors about filming sex scenes. Turns out: AWKWARD. (Vulture)

– National Geographic has some truly amazing new footage of the wreck of the Titanic.  The article’s really interesting. (National Geographic)

One of Deadspin’s writers re-took the SAT at 35. Hilarity ensued. (Deadspin)

– The folks at the Atlantic are, hilariously, doing a Battle of the Brackets, in which everyone who is doing a March Madness-esque event is pitted against one another, Fug Madness style. We are a three seed — not too shabby! — and we’re in the Elite Eight this weekend, against our friends at Vulture! HUMAN DRAMA. BROTHER PITTED AGAINST BROTHER. Etc. It’s pretty awesome — so vote! (Atlantic Wire)

– Speaking of brackets, ESPN is doing one to determine the coolest name in this year’s tourny. I’ve got my money on Scoop Jardine. I LOVE that name. He sounds like a 1940s journalist. “Scoop Jardine here with the Daily Planet.” (ESPN)

– Gawker is doing this thing where they cut Ashley Judd’s Missing into 30 seconds. It. Is. Hilarious. (Gawker)

– I am mildly obsessed with how adorable Sandra Bullock’s little boy Louis is. He’s always wearing a hat, too, which is extra cute. (Lainey)

– Refinery29 just wants you to live, damn it! LIVE! So take a look at these clothes that could LIT’RALLY KILL YOU. (Refinery29)

The best bagels not from New York? THE HORROR! (I personally will eat any bagel anywhere, in the interest of full disclosure). (Time)

– Speaking of, I LOVE Grub Street’s New York Diet, and this one — courtesy of Mickey Boardman of Paper – is a scream. So funny. (Grub Street)

Intelligent Life magazine — which is somehow related to The Economist — put Cate Blanchett on their cover with no photoshopping at all. This is getting them more press than they would have ever gotten anyway, but also, she looks TREMENDOUS. (Celebitchy)